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Beyond Work: How Accomplished People Retire Successfully

Retirement: Life Beyond Work – Fulfilling Life’s Four Domains

Life beyond work, retirement, is a life that is different from our lives as career adults. Our career-focused adult years, our 20s – 60s, tend to be built around three major domains:

  1. our work lives
  2. our family lives and
  3. our personal (self) lives

As we grow into our 50s and 60s, these three domains that we relied upon for more than 30 years, become less relevant just as income producing work becomes less a priority. We enter a new period where, in many ways, we become New Adults. This new adulthood is marked by a re-shuffling of our career adulthood’s three organizing domains to the New Adult’s four organizing domains:

  1. our financial lives
  2. our physical lives
  3. our social lives, and
  4. our personal lives

Contemplating Retirement

Beyond Work dedicates four chapters to these domains. Each domain is described in detail and each chapter provides ideas and tips for getting all you can from each domain of life.