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Beyond Work: How Accomplished People Retire Successfully

Beyond Work Overview

Planning is not the strongest indicator of a successful retirement. The research conducted by Dr. Bill Roiter for Beyond Work: How Accomplished People Retire Successfully (Wiley 2008) found that the strongest indicator is confidence in your ability to retire successfully. Planning is, of course, an important contributing factor of confidence, as is knowledge. The more you know, the more confident you can feel.

Beyond Work looks at what happens as accomplished people move beyond work and enter their years as new adults. People have made major transitions before; entering the workforce, getting married, raising a family or changing careers are some of the transitions we have navigated. The transition from a work/career-focused life to the meaning-focused life after retirement relies on the same skills we have used during our other life transitions.

Beyond Work is filled with retirement stories from people who are considering retirement and those who have retired. Interviews with experts in the fields of finance, medicine, social living and personality provide insights that will increase your knowledge and confidence as you move beyond work.

The no-cost, on-line Retirement Confidence Profile is available to help you understand your confidence in each of retirement´s four major domains.

Bill Roiter (Boston, MA) is a psychologist, executive coach, businessperson and author. Many of his executive clients are now looking to Bill for guidance on how to prepare for, and enjoy, their retirement. Bill is also the co-author of Corporate MVPs (Wiley 2004).


Beyond Work Awarded Axiom Gold Medal

Beyond Work awarded Axiom Gold Medal in the 2009 Axiom Business Book Awards.

Beyond Work, by Dr. Bill Roiter

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"This is an interesting read interspersed with many real-life examples and grounded in sociological and psychological theory."

—London (ON) Public Library